Swing and a Miss: Nebraska Democrats Fail on Herbster Sexual Assualt Response

Mustering the same rhetorical prowess one would expect from a second-grade schoolyard bully, leaders of the Nebraska Democratic Party raced to their social media accounts to remind voters that Governor Ricketts has no problem supporting Donald Trump despite numerous allegations of sexual assault. Ricketts is a lame-duck governor with zero chance at higher political office (unless Fischer or Sasse retires). Even the most generous observer will acknowledge that Ricketts calling …

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Creating a Safe Space for Predators

This blog post has changed significantly since I started writing it this morning, but I’m a master of starting a blog post and not finishing it; so let’s dive in anyway. In case you missed it, there’s a particularly appalling story in the Nebraska Examiner today outlining accusations against Charles Herbster from a sitting Nebraska State Senator, seven other women, and a handful of eyewitnesses. Ever eager for clicks on …

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New Year, New Posts… …🤷‍♂️

Hello lost Internet traveler 👋 I’m not sure how you landed here (a link in my Twitter profile, probably), but I apologize for this blog’s current state. I’m sure it’s not what you were expecting. But allow me to explain its sad, current state. I’m a company of one, and it’s great. I determine my value, and all the money I make goes into my pocket. The trade-off is that …

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Manchin’s Killing the Build Back Better Plan is an Act of Self-Preservation

On Sunday, multimillionaire coal baron and US Senator Joe Manchin decided that supporting the Build Back Better plan wouldn’t sit well with his wealthy Republican donors; so he announced his opposition on Fox News effectively killing the legislation. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Manchin has alienated both the moderates and liberals in the Democratic Party while at the same time raking in millions of dollars from GOP billionaire …

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Why Taxes for Small Businesses Suck

Couple Struggling with Taxes

Capitalists exploit workers in order to create profit. But when it comes to people like me – small business owners, sole proprietors, and entrepreneurs. How can the capitalists exploit us since we control our own means of product? The tax code. Yep. It’s really that simple.… Keep Reading »

Get Ready – The Capitalist Going to Nuke the Economy to Cover Up Their Sins

I pay pretty close attention to the markets and one of the things that has perplexed me over the past few weeks is the constant drumbeat about inflation and interest rates. Again this weekend Larry Summers took to Bloomberg TV to criticize the COVID rescue plan (for those not keeping track, Summers has emerged as a leading liberal critic of the COVID rescue plan since Biden proposed it). At first, …

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Capitalism is Canabilizing Boeing

View of Jetliner Flying from Below

Boeing risked its financial health and long-term viability by bowing to the rich. Bold action needs to be taken to protect workers, end stock buybacks, and stop capitalism from eating successful companies in the name of ever-increasing quarterly profits.… Keep Reading »

Rose Twitter, Blue MAGA, and a Talking Duck

Man holding phone with smartphone logo

Some of you need to take a good hard look in the mirror. Like, you understand the praise you’re giving Biden over the military operation has a distinctly ‘dear leader’ vibe to it, right? And you Rose Twitter, let’s try to be a bit better when it comes to facts. Now where’s that duck?… Keep Reading »