Rose Twitter, Blue MAGA, and a Talking Duck

Okay, I lied – there’s no talking duck. I blame the meds. They’re messing with me hardcore.

Let’s address Blue MAGA 🌊 first.

For those of you running around saying things like how much better military operations under Biden are has come across with a very “deal leader” quality to it. It doesn’t rise to the MAGA cult levels Trump inspired (yet), but you can see how folks on the left are concerned you’re walking down that road.

On to you, Rose Twitter 🌹

Comparing the emergency youth facility opened on the border by the Biden administration to what the Trump administration did is about as fact-free as Fox News is during prime time. At best, you’re demonstrating your ignorance; at worst, you’re willfully misleading people about these centers. In the third paragraph of the Washington Post article you keep sharing it says the number of unaccompanied minors is up, the coronavirus as cut capacity at permanent shelters by half, and the electric grid and water problems in Texas only further complicated placements.

Eye on the Prize 🏆

There are powerful forces that are unified in their opposition to every progressive and barely center-left policy proposal. Millions of Americans are in desperate need of relief and poverty will rise unabated if Republicans continue to block every piece of legislation in the Senate.

We must keep up a maximum pressure campaign on the Republicans and call them out with the same level of ferocity that we’re currently directing at each other. We must avoid the ideological purity tests – yes difference of opinion can be frustrating, but it does make us better.

On second thought, maybe we need a talking duck. That might just be novel enough to break into everyone’s information ecosystem.