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First, thank you for dropping by – if this isn’t your first time here, thanks for coming back! Your readership is really all the support I need to keep this project active.

Whether you’ve been on the left for some time, or you’re like me and leaving liberalism for socialism, I hope sharing my personal journey helps you. If you like the content around here, it would be super awesome if you’d share it with your like-minded friends.

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As you may have picked up from my posts, I’m a self-employed web developer. I’ve been building websites since 2007 and spent 5 years working in a corporate marketing department, eventually working my way up to brand marketing manager before the company’s private equity overlords put us out of business.

I have a deep understanding of technical SEO, content marketing tactics, and WordPress. I bring together the technical web development knowledge and marketing skills necessary to turn your vision into a robust website.

I’m based in Omaha, Nebraska and my rates are competitively priced for this area (so cheap if you’re on the east or west coast). I offer discounts to freelancers, nonprofits, and individuals.

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All posts on here are powered by caffeine. If you’re feeling so generous, you can buy me a coffee and contribute to the stream of content flowing on here. Buy Me a Coffee is rolling out a podcast feature, when that goes live, I’m planning on launching a podcast there.

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Fun fact – according to the American Marketing Association, for every dollar you invest in an email marketing program you get (on average) a $41 return on that investment. I’m constantly telling my clients they should use their website to collect email addresses as it’s one of the best ways to build a connection with their audience. I might as well take my own advice, right?